BLD+ Motivations and Reasons for creation

Energy price increases in Europe will not affect the BLD DNS service in any way

Rising prices for electricity, can be hosting price increase.

Part of the open anti-advertising BLD DNS servers is provided in Europe, payment for hosting, as you know, carried out from me and those who voluntarily help the project. Despite the situation in the world, I want the service to do even better, even more modern, even safer … and for all the consequences, it all comes down to the fact that “more money” is needed.

In view of which, within the service testing team, it was decided to make an addition to BLD, which will be called BLD+, where I (@sysadminkz) plan to provide personal support or adapt the service to personal needs and different businesses, dedicated maintain of the service and servers. This should bring an additional flow of finance to the open project.

To date, there are several free free services of BLD - BLD “Black-Box”, BLD Open and BLD+; I put all the description in the article on the site

For my part, I take the project and its mission very seriously and want to improve, develop, make it more efficient and flexible and securely.

The decision and the situation in the world will not affect the work of BLD Service, and you as before can using DNS/DoH/DoT from BLD in any way, and my plan, if implemented, will make it even better :slight_smile: PEACE all :v:

How you can use BLD in Browsers, Phones, Routers:
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