Ошибка usermod - [sysdb_domain_cache_connect] (0x0010): DB version too old [0.21], expected [0.22] for domain implicit_files

В момент добавления пользователя в группу возникает ошибка:

In order to upgrade the database, you must run SSSD.
Removing cache files in /var/lib/sss/db should fix the issue, but note that removing cache files will also remove all of your cached credentials.
Could not open available domains
usermod: sss_cache exited with status 70
usermod: Failed to flush the sssd cache.

Смотрим содержимое каталога:

ls /var/lib/sss/db
cache_implicit_files.ldb  config.ldb  sssd.ldb  timestamps_implicit_files.ldb

Удаляем кэш:

rm /var/lib/sss/db/cache_implicit_files.ldb

Пробуем снова. Done!